Project Description


Everybody Loves Noodles! And our restaurant is exactly what noodle lovers have in mind.

What do six billion people have in common?

They all love noodles.

Thai noodles. Stir-fry. Macaroni and cheese.

Linguini. Shells. Bow ties.

It greets you at the door: the seductive aroma of noodles, fresh vegetables and sauce sizzling in a saute pan.

Our entire core menu of 10 delicious recipes are individually cooked to your order. There’s none of the prepackaged, styrofoamed, warming light stuff here.

Just real food. In a real bowl. With only the best ingredients from honest to goodness, authentic sources. Fresh. Healthy. Nourishing. Low in fat. And completely tip free.

Resistance is futile. You must go to Noodles.

1310 Commons Dr.
Geneva, IL 60134