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  • A Massage Envy gift card or eGift Card is perfect for just about anybody – and any occasion.
  • It’s a thoughtful gift for family and friends, as well as a nice thank-you for teachers, coaches, employees, coworkers, caregivers, stylists, and more!
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About Massage Envy
At Massage Envy, we’re here for you every day of the week, morning and night, across the entire country. We are hundreds of franchise owners employing more than 25,000 massage therapists, estheticians, and employees and every one of our franchisees consider it their job to be passionate in their support of your commitment to total body care: an integral part of everyone’s journey to well-being.
That’s why we’ve made it our purpose, our guiding light, the reason we do what we do.
And with that in mind, we promise one thing:
We help YOU take care of YOU.
What We Believe
We believe that massages and facials aren’t a luxury; they are body maintenance, pure and simple. Regular massage and facial care goes a long way toward helping Massage Envy members and guests take care of themselves and manage the side effects of life.
How We Help
We are often credited as being the leader in accessible massage. Yes, the Massage Envy membership model has popularized the belief that massage can be convenient and affordable, but from the very start of our journey we have believed that there’s more to it than that. We may not have always talked about massage and skincare in this way, but these ideals have been at the core of our belief system from day one.
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