Project Description

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Offering off-season practice and game improvement tools

Golf Underground is a state-of- the-art indoor golf practice facility with 4 golf simulators, an indoor putting green, including 2 Trackman launch monitors that provide golfers instant feedback on every shot. The TrackMan Golf Simulator offers a library of golf courses to play. It also has a series of game improvement tools from video and swing analysis to benchmarking tools such as Test Center and TrackMan Combine, making your indoor practice sessions BOTH entertaining and productive.

610 Commons Drive (Suite 610)
Geneva, IL 60134


Hours of Operation
Fall/Winter Schedule
Sunday — 10am – 6pm
Monday — 8am – 9pm
Tuesday — 8am – 9pm
Wednesday — 8am – 9pm
Thursday — 8am – 9pm
Friday — 8am – 9pm
Saturday — 8am – 6pm