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This Week’s Biggest Books

This Week’s Biggest Books

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Every week we highlight some of the most-talked about and most-interesting good books currently making noise.


The Woman in the Window, by A.J. Finn

One of the most anticipated thrillers of the year is a real humdinger—a Hitchcockian meta-twister told from the point-of-view of agoraphobic, extremely unreliable child psychologist Anna Fox. Fox hasn’t left her apartment in 11 months, spending her time playing games, chatting with other agoraphobics on the internet, and spying on her neighborhood in self-conscious, Rear Window-style. It’s quickly apparent the reader can’t trust anything Anna says—so when she first becomes obsessed with a family across the park and then witnesses what she is certain is a murder, it’s no surprise that no one believes her. As the twists and revelations pile up, it becomes clear that Anna’s past and her mental state are just as important as what really happened in the house across the park.


The Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook: 150 Simply Delicious Everyday Recipes for Your Whole30, by Melissa Hartwig

Anyone who’s tried Hartwig’s famous Whole30 program—which involves giving up a short list of foods for 30 days, which Hartwig promises will reset your body’s metabolism and eliminate a host of minor and potentially major irritations—knows that like all diets the main challenge is making compliant meals without exhausting yourself. Hartwig offers 150 recipes developed by Hartwig and peers specifically for Whole30. These recipes are designed to be easy, quick to make, and delicious, which in turn makes staying committed to your new lifestyle that much easier. Whether this is a new resolution for you or simply a renewed sense of purpose, this a great book for just about anyone looking to revamp their cooking in a healthy way.


Iron Gold, by Pierce Brown

Brown kicks off a whole new trilogy set in the Red Rising universe with this story set about 10 years after Darrow finished the job of destroying the social order of the entire system. He and Mustang lead the Solar Republic, but you can’t smash an empire into pieces without causing some collateral damage, and it turns out running a multi-planet civilization is much more difficult than disrupting it. In addition to the usual woes successful revolutionaries run into, there’s also Lysander au Lune, the heir to the throne, moving freely through space and waiting for a chance to act, and a mysterious new threat coming from outside the solar system itself. Fans of Brown’s first trilogy have come to expect complex, flawed characters, awesome technology, and fierce battles, so good thing the chaos of a ruined empire is fertile ground for all three.


City of Endless Night, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

FBI Pendergrast is back, investigating the corpse of a young woman who’s been decapitated and left in Queens. She’s quickly identified as the missing daughter of billionaire Anton Ozmian, but when more headless bodies turn up, things get messy fast, as the victims show no discernible pattern—aside from their missing heads. Pendergrast and old ally Lt. Cmdr. Vincent D’Agosta come under increasing pressure from the mayor’s office, Ozmian, and plenty of less-savory power brokers as their investigation runs into dead end after dead end. Slowly, Pendergrast realizes the killer has come to New York City for a very specific reason. As public panic mounts, his epiphany doesn’t translate into an easy solution, and this might be one time Agent Pendergrast’s unique mind fails him.