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Project Description

Froyo Cakes are back!

New and Improved

Froyo cakes are back!

Gather around früzNation! We have exciting news!

  • Remember we had froyo cakes before?

Well, froyo cakes are back! And they’re new and improved! If you are a fan of froyo then you must try our froyo cakes which comes in 3 popular flavürs: Classic Oreo, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Celebration Cake! These are perfect for any occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries, celebrating achievements, or simply when you’re craving for some froyo cake!   

Yogen Früz developed a unique blending system which combines its delicious and nutritious frozen yogurt and fresh fruit which allows you to customize your own flavor combination. Made fresh before your eyes, each serving is low in fat, high in fiber, with vitamins, probiotics and/or antioxidants and made fresh for you.

The sweet, tart taste and smooth texture of Yogen Früz is achieved through our unique blending process where the system captures the natural sugars of the fresh fruit.

Yogen Früz frozen yogurt has a fresh, delicious, nutritious taste – making Yogen Früz frozen yogurt just burst with flavor.

Yogen Früz is the most unique tasting product in the better-for-you frozen desserts industry.